VirtuálisVirtuális esemény2020ke02jún18:00BST Happy Mountaingoats' Hill Climb TT


2020. június 2.

Rajtlisták, eredmények

Kategória # Rider Time avg NP
A 1  Mack Marton 47:36:00 5.1w/kg 307w
A 2  Bence Mészáros 48:30:00 4.9w/kg 335w
A 3  Tompesz Hancz 49:02:00 5.4w/kg 202w
A 5  Bence Bagarus 50:37:00 4.8w/kg 301w
A 11  Erdos Gergely 57:49:00 4.2w/kg 247w
A 12  Bertold Drijver 59:45:00 3.8w/kg 267w
A 14  Gergő Magyar 1:00:59 3.9w/kg 250w
A 15  Zeteny Szijarto 1:02:17 3.8w/kg 316w
A 16  Daniel Kovacs 1:05:57 3.6w/kg 243w
A 18  Szabolcs Csáki 1:12:36 3.3w/kg 150w


Kométa Team HUN ZWIFT tudnivalók a képre kattintva!

Időpont: 2020. június 2. kedd 18:00

Nem: férfi

Hossz: 17,6 km

Szintkülönbség: 1046 m

Csatlakozás a versenyhez a részletes információkra kattintva!

This hill climb TT is a race without draft, but bike can be
freely chosen. The race is for everyone who wants a good, high quality
workout and competition with likeminded people. Remember to pace yourself,
there will be a climb to conquer. The race should be as fair as possible so
the following rules apply. Racers on zPower, lacking heart rate monitors,
riding in an inappropriate category, or riding very unrealistically will be
disqualified. Powerups are turned off as well. Final results will be
available on So get your bottles and turn on your fan, get
ready for some great fun! When you sign up please select the correct
category below (your FTP divided by your weight in kg):
(A) 4.0+ W/kg FTP
(B) 3.2 – 3.99 W/kg FTP
(C) 2.5 – 3.19 W/kg FTP
(D) 0 – 2.49 W/kg FTP
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