WTRL Empowerment Series

2020ke26máj19:30WTRL Empowerment SeriesSorozatKométa Team HUN ZwiftVirtuális


2020. május 26.

Rajtlisták, eredmények

# Rider Time watts NP
E 21  Adrienn Szabó 38:05:00 4.0w/kg 202w
B 82  Boglárka Sáry 39:02:00 4.2w/kg 212w
E 36  Kapott Szonja 39:23:00 4.0w/kg 230w
B 88  Virág Gergely 42:19:00 3.5w/kg 228w


Kométa Team HUN ZWIFT tudnivalók

Időpont: 2020. május 26. kedd 19:30

Nem: női

Hossz: 22,2 km

Szintkülönbség: 451 m

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Welcome to the WTRL Empowerment Race Series!
Men’s A-B-C-D Category Racing League
Ladies E Pen Race Series for Ladies Only
We are an Irish Founded Ladies Only team, welcoming the World! Our ethos is; EMBRACE, EMPOWER & ENABLE, and we believe in building a community of positive, like-minded ladies to learn, progress, and motivate each other to be our best.All levels welcome and encouraged to join, race hard, and have a blast!Rules:
Ladies Only
No TT bikes
zPower disqualified from Podium
HR monitors encouraged, but not required
Fun and sweat mandatory

Join us on Discord on race day: https://discord.gg/yHemE5d

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wtrlladies/

Finalised results available on https://www.zwiftpower.com/ and https://wtrl.racing/, shortly after the race ends.

Hosted by WTRL Ladies.

#wtrl #wtrlladies #womenonly #empower #embrace #enable

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