2020sze03jún18:30MIDWEEK Summer Series Women by SZRVirtuálisVirtuális esemény


2020. június 3.

Rajtlisták, eredmények

# Rider Time avg NP
A 11  Kapott Szonja 47:24:00 4.0w/kg 230w
D 2  Szilvia Roman 54:08:00 2.6w/kg 169w


Kométa Team HUN ZWIFT tudnivalók a képre kattintva!

Időpont: 2020. június 3. szerda 18:50

Nem: női

Hossz: 30 km

Szintkülönbség: 254 m

Csatlakozás a versenyhez a részletes információkra kattintva!


Turn the fans on, fill the bottles and grab a towel – it’s race time!

~ No TT bikes
~ Heart rate monitors compulsory for all categorys.
~ powerups are disabled
~ zPower riders will be removed from the results
~ All riders must have a Zwiftpower account to be in the results
~ Choosing lower category than ZwiftPower says will cause DQ

(A) 3.7 W/kg FTP or higher
(B) 3.2 W/kg to 3.69 W/kg FTP
(C) 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg FTP
(D) below 2.49 W/kg FTP

Sprint points will be awarded to top 5 riders on each sprint and KOM banner. points for taking a sprint/KOM are as follows. Place
1-5 gets 5,4,3,2,1 pts

Points are awarded on a category basis, see below
For each category that finishes with a minimum of 20 participants the following points will be awarded:
1st : 30 points
2nd : 25 points
3rd : 20 points
4th-20th 18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 points

If there are less than 20 riders in a category, points will be distributed with 2 point for last place and then 3 points, 4 points and so on.
All riders outside position 20 will recieve 1 points for participating in the race.

Team points are awarded to the top 5 team members in any category. For example, Team XXX has the follwing members with results:
One member wins the A category and gets 30 pts
One member in the B category places 3rd and gets 20 pts
One member in B category places 6th and gets 16 pts
One member in C wins the category and get 30 pts
One member in D category places 5th and gets 17 pts
The team will the get a total of 30+20+16+30+17pts= 113 team points in this race.
All the other team members got places below these members. So it is just the 5 top members of each team that will get points for the team.

The MIDWEEK Summer Series Women by SZR will run for 13 weeks. From 3rd June 2020 to the 29th august 2020. The best 10 races will count.

Results will be presented at Zwiftpower.com


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